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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Truth about Wadgaon

Truth about Wadgaon
4 Apr 2003, 2033 hrs IST
S B Majumdar, via e-mail


Raja Sekhar Vundru (Q&A, Mar 31) must be congratulated for highlighting the martial tradition of the Mahars. However, Mr Vundru does not appear to be aware that the Mahars played a major role on the Indian side in the Battle of Wadgaon in 1779.

Had it not been for the daredevil surveillance of the enemy formation and movement of the Mahars, Indian forces led by Mahadji Shinde would not have succeeded.

The British deliberately obscured this golden page of Indian history. Another not so well-known fact is that a large section of the victorious Indian forces comprised Muslim soldiers. If Roland Joffe is looking for a representative character for the hero of his film, the soldier could well be a Muslim.

Yet another little known facet of the battle is that the Indian gunners were led by a Goan Catholic. It was a truly national army that fought the British at Wadgaon.

— S B Majumdar, via e-mail


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