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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The tainted Society and making of a Hero

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The tainted Society and making of a Hero

Whatever might have been the intention behind creating the caste system by our ‘Noble men’, it has tarnished the fragile image of our society in the eyes of civilized world. We have always been teaching others against apartheid and racial discrimination but we have ourselves been ruthlessly practicing the worst kind of discrimination under the rap of our past glory. Not only the political leaders and religious preachers, but our most popular and sacred books like Maha Bharata (Dronacharya rejected Eklavya, a son of Sudra, as a potential student to his ashrama ), and Ramayana (Sudra, named Sambuka, was killed by Rama for reading the Veda.), have been teaching discrimination based on caste system.

God only knows how many souls have been tortured and massacred in the caste related violence. Our memories are still fresh with the massacre of Khairlanji dalits. On September 29, 2006, a mob of upper-caste men beat to death the whole family of a Dalit, Bhotmange. Before the women were beaten to death, they were raped. These incidents are well documented by human right activists and other non-governmental organizations, but very little or nothing has been done to break the vicious circle of casteism and stop this kind of human carnage.

I will leave you to read a little known secret about 1857 sepoy uprising by “ Raja Sekhar Vundru” which he wrote for TOI and decide whether Mangal Pandey was a hero or a protector of his upper-caste glory.



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